Turn on the good Genes

May 25, 2017


Very few, if any, scientists would contend with this. Whether a gene is expressed, and even whether the mRNA transcript gets translated into a protein, relies on the environment. Few diseases — most of which are very rare — are triggered completely by a mutated gene. In most cases, acquiring or staying away from a disease depends not just on genes but on stuff within your control, such as diet, exercise and whether or not you smoke.


Not all genes are read at the same time, they can be expressed “ turned on” and others can be turned off. The same genes that determine our health, risk for disease and wellbeing are influenced by our lifestyle choices, e.g identical twins begin to look different with age.


How does it work?


Adding a chemical tag, called a methyl group, tells the histones to coil up therefore the cell less likely to read the gene. And this process reacts to clues from our everyday life such as diet, exercise, stress, medications, sleep and other factors.


Back to the basics, how our bodies utilize nutrients, metabolize prescription drugs and muscles respond to different exercise regimens matters. The latest scientific and technological advances offers us a basic framework or a blueprint to work with.


Recent scientific research says that muscles secrete peptides to communicate with various organs such as the liver, stomach, pancreas, and the brain . Knowing one’s muscle composition not only provides the best exercise or group of exercises to enhance performance but also with energy balance, a critical factor in weight loss and inflammation. A group of enzymes called mixed function oxidses known as Cytochrome P450  ( CYP450 ) metabolize xenobiotics and prescription drugs. There is individual variability in the  activity of the CYP450 system which is mostly  located in the liver and the intestines.  Not everyone responds to medications in the same way. A medicine that works well for others may not work well for you, and could result in significant side effects.The DNA determine what medications are likely to help you—or hurt you—before you even take the medication. This can help get you to the right medication faster, avoiding possibly life-threatening side effects. Patients and their doctors can choose the right medication for their metabolism. Diet is just as critical to our health; from folate to carbohydrates metabolism and insulin sensitivity.


The new machine age dated 15 years ago, when Garry Kasparov the world chess champion played against deep blue - a supercomputer,  the machine won that day. Now a chess program running on a smartphone can beat any human grand master. Today a computer is no longer the world chess champion neither is a human. A freestyle tournament organized by Garry Kasparov showed that better teamwork; teams of humans and machines beat any computer or human alone.


Modern science can open many doors, telling an astonishing story about us but also contains warnings. The DNA can show the nature of our complexity and fragility but also can show us our power through collective learning.

Our DNA isn’t our destiny but shows us how we can shape it.



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